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Production in Fabulous Las Vegas

Production in Fabulous Las Vegas.

Production in Fabulous Las Vegas

Vegas is a city unlike any other. Especially when it comes to production. We have a constant rotation of productions coming in and out of the city. Some of these productions like to bring in their own DP and cameras, hoping to “fill in the gaps” locally, only to find that Las Vegas has a very limited supply of cinema style equipment.

There are the benefits of hiring all gear, and crew through ONE local production company versus piecemealing it together in Las Vegas.

When putting together a Las Vegas Commercial Production, there are a lot of pieces to be considered. It seems like every production is a  unique puzzle. The best way to not lose credibility, gear, and overall quality of work and consistency is to run your production through one Las Vegas Video Production company. A local production company knows the town and what equipment is available.

It is likely some items will not be found in Las Vegas. Hire a production company to source these for you:




Equipment rentals

Picks ups/Drop Offs

Local Support


Hire Mr. Camera, Inc. and we will provide you with a seamless execution for your production needs!

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