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Camera Application Simulators

Mr. Camera, Inc. – Camera Menu Simulators

Camera Menu Simulators Learn how to use the menus settings on these common cameras with camera simulator apps. You can practice these on your down time to get better at working the cameras before getting onto set.  RED Camera Menu Simulator Alexa Camera Menu Simulator Amira Camera Menu Simulator Panavision Camera Menu […]

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Equipment Carts

Mr. Camera, Inc. – Equipment Organization

Mr. Camera, Inc. – Equipment Organization  Clean: Cleaning your equipment is first and foremost. Make sure your equipment is tidy and well kept. Do your research and be mindful about the cleaning products you use. They can damage your equipment for good. Label: Your equipment with a label maker. Make corresponding labels on a shelf. Spreadsheet: Make sure […]

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Traveling with gear

Mr. Camera, Inc. – Easy Sheet – Traveling with Gear

Traveling with Production Gear: Traveling with production gear can be a hassle and a huge expense. Not to mention – you have an increase of risk of damaged and lost gear. Here are a few tips when considering travel that will help make things just a little bit easier: Don’t overpack. Know the importance of […]

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Pulling Focus

Mr. Camera, Inc. – Pulling Focus

Pulling Focus The first Assistant Camera is responsible for pulling focus. One of their responsibilities is to maintain proper focus throughout the scene. The 1st AC is an extremely vital role on set, and they must be quick and skilled. Focus is based on distance. Some ACs will use a tape measure to measure the […]

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