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Light Makes it Right: How Professional Lighting Makes Commercials Better

The right professional lighting drastically improves commercial production. Professional commercial production crews know how to use light to their advantage. In fact, proper lighting makes the difference between an amateur shot and professional one. Whether it’s working with the natural bright light of the sun to filming indoors under florescent lighting, Las Vegas commercial production […]

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Best Practices for Your Business Marketing Videos

Today’s consumers do not often have a long attention spans to watch a long, complex commercial or marketing video. They want a brief, engaging and entertaining piece that convinces them and speaks to their sensibilities. When working with an experienced Las Vegas video production company for your video content marketing, be sure to consider these […]

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Top Video Marketing Trends for 2017

Are you considering producing a video to market your business? Whether it be a commercial, infomercial, product video, or some other brand video, there are multiple useful applications for video in marketing. For example, a commercial does not have to be limited to broadcast TV. Commercials can be used for social media ads or website […]

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Basics of Camera Shots & Framing Video – Just The Tips 101

In this episode of Just The Tips 101, we go over the basics of camera shots and framing. Check out the video below! Please like and share it! Mr. Camera Is Your Source for Las Vegas Video Production, Crew, Equipment, Editing, Commercials, Electronic Press Kits, and Video News Releases.

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5 Types of Corporate Videos & Which May Be a Best Fit for Your Business

Corporate videos are a great way to show and tell the world your business’s story. Corporate videos come in a variety of types, and many businesses end up showcasing these professional videos on their websites. There is a wide selection of corporate videos types that you can choose from. Depending on your local business’s situation and […]

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4 Tips for Hiring a Video Production Crew for Your Commercial

Hiring a video crew to create a commercial for your business can be an investment that pays big dividends – but only if you hire the right crew. If your commercial is done correctly, your business can catch the attention of new clients or customers while keeping the interest of current ones, and it can […]

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