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Safety on Set video production

Mr. Camera, Inc – Just The Tips 142 – Safety On Set

Just The Tips 142 – Safety On Set Safety first! On-set safety etiquette is important in any production. This includes safety meetings, safety hazards, and precautionary measures crew members must partake in to keep the set safe. Remember: if you see something, say something! Making sure your set is safe assures the show goes on. […]

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Video production company in Nevada

Starting A Video Production Company in Nevada

Starting A Nevada Business As A Sole Proprietor Owning your own video production company in Nevada can come with a lot of benefits. One benefit is the ability to write off expenses on your taxes including gear you purchase, items you rent, gas, and crew meals. To obtain a business license in Nevada and benefit […]

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Crew Meals Las Vegas Video Production

Mr. Camera, Inc – Just The Tips 141 – Crew Meals

Just The Tips 141 – Crew Meals A hungry crew is not a happy crew! Learning the industry standard for crew meals will help you avoid meal penalties from your crew. Watch our video below for an explanation on crew meals in the production industry.   — Mr. Camera Youtube | Our Blog  

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Independent Contractors video production vegas

Hiring Independent Contractors in Nevada 

Many people working in video production in Las Vegas choose to work as a freelancer or independent contractor, providing their services to organizations as a non-employee. There are important legal and financial differences between working as an employee and an independent contractor, most significantly related to payroll taxes. Independent contractors are paid the full amount […]

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Nab Checklist

Mr. Camera, Inc – Easy Sheets – NAB Checklist

NAB CHECKLIST There are so many important conventions. NAB (National Association of Broadcasting) is one of them. Look over this checklist to be sure you are ready to take on NAB next week! NAB Show: April 6 – 11 Link: Parking:

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Back Focusing

Mr. Camera, Inc. – Easy Sheets – Back Focusing

Back Focusing One of the most frequently overlooked and common mistakes after a shoot: The image is not in focus. How do you prevent this from happening? Everyone is working and moving about quickly on a set, and it just takes one little bump to be out of focus. You want to maximize your focus […]

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Camera Application Simulators

Mr. Camera, Inc. – Camera Menu Simulators

Camera Menu Simulators Learn how to use the menus settings on these common cameras with camera simulator apps. You can practice these on your down time to get better at working the cameras before getting onto set.  RED Camera Menu Simulator Alexa Camera Menu Simulator Amira Camera Menu Simulator Panavision Camera Menu […]

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