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Blue and White Striped Checklist

Camera Checklist

Camera Checklist √ When packing up for your shoot, here is a quick and easy Camera Checklist. Sometimes, all you need are the basics. This will help keep you organized when on the go. Remember: Each shoot will change the type of set up that quantifies the type of gear you will need to bring. A […]

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5 Ways to Pitch Your Idea

  5 ways to pitch your Film, Music video, Commercial, or Pilot Series. There are many different ways to pitch your video. Whether it is to a friend, colleague, or executive, here are a few of the most popular ways to do it. Find out what way works best for you!

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Crew Members on set for Lionel Richie Show.

How Many Crew Members Does Your Next Video Production need?

How Many Crew Members Does Your Next Video Production Need? So, you’re looking to crew up your Las Vegas Video Production, and you don’t know how many bodies you will need. Here are a few things to ask yourself: First, have a budget in mind. Labor expenses add up quickly. You want to know how […]

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Director of Photography

  Just The Tips – 118 Director of Photography In this episode of Just The Tips, we go over the importance of choosing the right Director of Photography for your project. A Director of Photography is one of the key roles in Las Vegas Video Production.

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Production Design Era Piece

Why is Production Design so important?

Production Design & Art Department Hiring an Art Director or Production Designer for your Las Vegas Video Production can add production value to your project because they have a key creative role for the whole look or feel of your video. Production designers work with the environment, to add more emphasis based on the look, […]

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Social Media Button

To Post, or Not To Post? Social Media On Set

To Post, or Not To Post? Social Media is an important part of marketing, but can also be an easy way to get fired from a video production job. In the production industry, we are exposed to all sorts of cool and exciting locations and scenarios.  Why wouldn’t you want to snap an epic shot […]

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Just the Tips 117 - Apple Boxes

Just the Tips 117 – Apple Boxes

Apple Boxes In this episode of Just the Tips, we will be teaching about Apple Boxes, and how to call for them on your Las Vegas Commercial Production! Apple Boxes are a basic tool that you will find on almost every set. From using it for lighting and grip, to a stool, to a little […]

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