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Easy Sheet - Audio Kit

Easy Sheet – Audio Checklist

Today’s Easy Sheet gives us a list of the basic items for your audio kit. Remember that all productions require a different set of accessories, but this checklist will help get you started.

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Just The Tips 122 – Gaffer

Just The Tips 122 – Gaffer A good gaffer is a vital role to your camera, grip, and lighting team. Hire Mr. Camera, Inc. and we will be sure to crew you up with an experienced gaffer. Watch Just The Tips to find out more about gaffer’s and their role.

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Applications for filmmakers and production.

5 Innovative Production Apps

In today’s innovative media, there are tons of new applications and online resources to help filmmakers and production people alike. Below are a few super helpful apps you can download straight to your phone that will help make production days just a little bit easier. Here are our top 5: Artemis Director’s Viewfinder – Artemis is […]

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Pre- production

Why is Pre-Production so important?

Why is Pre-Production so important? Pre-production is extremely vital when it comes to finishing the project you set out to do. Without detail in pre-production, you may be running into costs you did not anticipate, or come across obstacles you may have not have otherwise thought out thoroughly. You want to be able to have […]

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Blue and White Striped Checklist

Camera Checklist

Camera Checklist √ When packing up for your shoot, here is a quick and easy Camera Checklist. Sometimes, all you need are the basics. This will help keep you organized when on the go. Remember: Each shoot will change the type of set up that quantifies the type of gear you will need to bring. A […]

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